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Active deposits:

22291.95 $

Active loans:

18423.63 $

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1.00 $

Deposit daily rate:

1.15 %

Loan daily rate:

1.2 %

How to buy Bitcoin - it is easy in simple three steps

1. Create your account, if You didn't yet.

2. Link your PayPal account *

*make to us payment with 1.00$ and we'll get all your data automatically

3. Verify your identy - simple KYC procedure

 3.1. Upload only your proof of address and selfie

 3.2. Fill a few fields with some additional information about You

  3.2.1. Your Date of Birth

  3.2.2. Your phone number

  3.2.3. Your monthly income

  3.2.4. How long do You use PayPal

We don't ask your official ID-card or other government issued document

You'll get your credit limit from 50$ to 500$ automatically if verified

4. Make deposits from 100$ to 250$ daily and put for withdawals to Bitcoin

Only 22.5% fee for purchasing

You'll pay fee for the first purchasing some later